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Chandler Becker

My favorite part of student ministries has been being a part of the student worship team and connecting with my friends outside of church on trips and just on our own. Someday, I hope to be a currier in travel photography and social media production. I especially want to thank my parents, grandparents, my peers, and leaders from church for constant encouragement and support throughout my time in high school.


Brent Childers

My favorite part of student ministries has been the small groups. I really appreciated all the leaders. This summer I will be climbing the dunes at beaches and saving up money for college. In the fall I will be taking classes at Grand Rapids Community College and eating donuts at Schwallier’s Apple Orchard. I want to especially thank all the great teachers at Northpointe.


Seth Galentine

My favorite part of student ministries has been being able to hear Jaie teach big group. This summer I will be working so that in the fall I can begin looking for my own house. Someday, I hope to be self-sustaining. I especially want to thank my father and my step mom, Kim. They have done more than I can imagine helping me with my future. They also have been the only people that have showed me nonstop love from day one.


Savannah Loneske

This summer I have been working at home with my family and starting a flower farm. Some of my weekends have been spend volunteering at my favorite childhood camp, Grace Adventures Paradise Ranch. My newest hobbies are learning guitar and piano, and I desire to expand much more in those. I will be finishing up a few final school subjects this fall, starting a business, and growing nearer to the Lord. Someday I hope to be a writer of both words and music and travel on mission trips. I hope and pray God will use me for His glory to bring the great Physician to a world that is dying. I especially want to thank God for His unthinkable mercy and grace in drawing me to Himself in my most undesirable state. He has been so good to me, even when the "threats" of today attempt to cloud my mind of His true character. Secondly, I want to thank my dearest family. My parents have been a guide in my life even when I cannot see. Thank you for always directing me back to God's word no matter the problems I face. To my brother, Noah, Thank you for all the laughs you provide for me. I also want to send my deepest thanks to my God-given grandmother. Colleen Reed, you are my hero of the faith and never cease to bring me encouragement. Finally, to all my friends and family, you have and always will be, some of the greatest blessings of my life. Thank you for shaping me into the person I am.

Cassie McNany

My favorite part of student ministries has been the overnight trips, especially STAY, TLC, retreats and even the Algonquin Wilderness trip. I have loved the lifelong friendships I have made in youth group and being able to worship together. In the fall I will be in the cosmetology program at Douglas J. Aveda Institute and working at Meraki Salon at the front desk. I hope to become a licensed hair stylist working in a nice a hair salon. I also hope to get married and have a family! I especially want to thank my mom and sisters (Emilie and Meaghan), Angie Cizauskas, and Beka Linn for always being there for me through hard times in middle school/high school. Thank you for always giving me a word of encouragement when I needed it. I’m thankful for the many laughs, lunch/coffee dates and grocery shopping with Angie! And thank you to all the youth leaders who have been a part of my life since 7th grade!


Benjamin Nymeyer

This fall you will find me beginning studies at Michigan State University for mechanical engineering and at South Church on Sunday mornings. I hope that no matter what I may accomplish, I want to earn respect from others. Before I leave for college I have been working as much as I can and enjoying my time before I leave. I especially want to thank Doug Loveless for being my prayer partner for all these years. His commitment to being mindful of my life all this time has meant a lot.


Margaret Olander

My favorite part of student ministries has been big group and our student led worship on Sundays. This summer I was supposed to be a camp counselor at Grace Adventures Paradise Ranch, but unfortunately that was canceled. Hopefully, supper 2021 will be far less historical, and I can be on staff then! In the fall I will be commuting to Baker College in Muskegon as I begin earning my associate’s degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. I hope to earn my degree as a PTA and then caring for patients in the medical field as one. I especially want to thank my parents for not only raising me, but choosing to homeschool me (even when math made us all doubt the wisdom of that choice), and my church family for being supportive and encouraging as I’ve grown up here at WCBC. Thank you especially to those who prayed and cared for my family and me when I was so sick two years ago.


Allexia Galentine

I have enjoyed being part of student ministries and learning from wise people. I have also loved going out of my comfort zone and getting to know new people. In the fall you will find me at Grand Valley State University with a double major in biomedical sciences and pre-professional. Lots of science! I hope to go to med school one day and work in a lab or as a medical doctor diagnosing and doing research in microbiology (diseases). I especially want to thank my mom for doing so much work to get me to where I am and for being the BEST teacher! Thank you to my dad for always encouraging me, helping me and talking with me about what I’ve learned. And thank you to Danna Dykema for always praying for me and teaching wisdom.


Bethany Tanner

My favorite part of student ministries has been the wilderness trips. I love the time in the beauty of God’s creation and the fellowship. Both have helped me to appreciate God’s power, comfort, imagination and generosity. In the fall I will be at Grand Rapids Community College working through my general education courses. I have felt God calling me to missions in China and I hope to accomplish that, as well as, earning a degree in teaching or psychology. I especially want to thank my wonderful, godly parents, who have spent the last eighteen years bringing me up in the way I should go. My wonderfully, annoying older brothers who have supported me and toughened me up and the Caleb’s Kin class, what have taken me in as one of their own. Also, thank you to my prayer partner and friend Kelsey Wilterink.


Elijah Vanderzouwen

My favorite part of student ministries was the trips and activities.  I liked bringing the different age groups together and the opportunity that we were given to grow spiritually.  My plan for the fall is to work, and hopefully take some classes at Grand Rapids Community College and to continue to grow in my faith. I want to thank my family, friends, and youth group.  I want to especially thank my mom and dad for always supporting me and being there for me when I need it (even when I think I don’t need it)!  And thank you to Pastor Tim for being such a strong leader and being an example for us.

Congratulations to our College Grads!


Denise Dykema

Cedarville University

BA in Early Childhood Education

Morgan Irwin

Ferris State University

BS in Marketing and Sales

Nathaniel Morris

Cornerstone University

BA in Audio Production


Karissa McFarlane

Grand Valley State University

BS in Speech and Language Pathology


Bradly Wynalda

Cedarville University

BS in Accounting and Finance


Carly Vaitkevicius

Grand Valley State University

BA in Linguistics and English Literature

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