As a called out people of God, in accordance with His inspired Word, it is the mission and desire of WCBC to:


I. Worship God acceptably

  • We believe that God deserves our worship and praise and that He chooses how we are to express that worship. Therefore we are committed to worship services characterized by relevant Bible exposition, music which directs our praise to God, sharing of the ordinances of baptism and communion and a focus on corporate prayer.​

  • We believe God deserves and desires the best we have to offer. He demonstrated His commitment to excellence both in creation and in the gift of His very best - His only Son for us. Therefore in our worship and in all of our ministries and activities, we are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence for the glory of God.

  • ​We believe all things should be done "decently and in order". Therefore we will endeavor to carry out all facets of worship, ministry, organization and finance in a manner reflecting God's orderly character.

​II. Edify and encourage one another to personal holiness

  • We believe that Scripture is the basis for developing personal holiness. Therefore we will seek to develop educational ministries which focus on the teaching and memorization of God's Word.

  • We believe encouragement and edification take place when fellow members of the body of Christ are exercising their God-given spiritual gifts. Therefore we will pursue programs which facilitate and encourage the development and use of every member's spiritual gifts.

  • We believe that as members of the body of Christ we are responsible for attending to each others needs and holding one another accountable for obedience to Gods Word. This is most likely to occur when genuine friendships are developed. Therefore we are committed to providing and participating in opportunities for fellowship and interaction which facilitate the growth of godly relationships.

​III. Proclaim through word and deed the good news of Jesus Christ

  • We believe it is the responsibility of all believers to share the gospel with the lost people around them. Therefore personal evangelism will be an emphasis of West Cannon Baptist Church. We will corporately assist individuals in this task by providing evangelistic training as well as periodic evangelistic events.

  • ​We believe it is also the church's responsibility and privilege to participate in reaching the lost around the world. Therefore, we will endeavor to facilitate missions education, participate in missions conferences, promote missions trips and financially support missionaries of like faith and practice.