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"…we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."


Screaming makes worship difficult. We’re not big screamers here at West Cannon. And parents of fussy kids feel awful in the service when their babies act …like babies. In the nursery we want to let babies be free to be babies. We have a dark room with white noise for the sleepers. We have row of rocking chairs for the eaters. There are floor toys for the crawlers and riding toys for the toddlers. And if they just can’t stop screaming – we can always text you to join us.


Because we also want to make nursery comfortable for the parents. We’d love to meet you. There are plenty of rocking chairs and friendly conversations. All of our nursery workers have background checks and plenty of supervision. And we have snacks – all the animal crackers as you can eat.


If you don’t currently serve in the nursery – why not? Who doesn’t like cuddling cute babies? It’s a one-hour-a-month commitment, the perfect entry level ministry. Men don’t even have to change pants! You could save everyone in the service from screaming – you’d be a hero. You should serve in the nursery.


To get involved, contact Doris Davis or Brenda Felker.


THEREFORE Young Adult Ministry

We are not meant to stagnate in our walk of faith-we are meant to grow! It is hard to grow in isolation, and it is impossible to grow when you aren't learning from God's Word. We would love it if you grew with us, learning, serving, and having fun
together as we grow in Christlikeness.

Click here for more information.


CALEB'S KIN Senior Ministry

Caleb's Kin is a Bible study class for Seniors. We take our name from the Old Testament saint, Caleb, whose life depicted a faithful walk with God demonstrated through his leadership, wisdom, vision and firm commitment to the will of God. These characteristics also mark the members of our class.  We enjoy studying the Word of God and living it out through various ministries both inside and outside the church.  Monthly activities include home fellowships, scheduled events, calling on shut-ins and bearing one another's burdens in prayer. We have fun serving the Lord and accept our responsibility of living godly lives before those following us in our journey to the City. Come visit us.  You will receive a warm welcome, a delicious sweet treat and encouraging time in God's Word.


ADULT Ministries

Adult Bible Studies


Early Adult Class 8:15–9:20 AM

Sonrisers (304) — no child care

A unique group of God’s people gathering in the early morning to study His Word. Utilizing a variety of teachers and discussion to create a lively atmosphere to help us become more Christ like. A group with humor and some life wisdom.

Sunday School Hour 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Genesis (002/004) — young adults/family

A group of young adults and newly married with potential–lots of it! We promise that your soul and taste buds will be satisfied. Please, let us get to know you and come to our class!


Faith Builders (304/305) — multi-generational

Focused on growing closer to Jesus Christ through Bible study, fellowship with one another, prayer, encouragement, and love. We seek to be Godly parents, grandparents and singles who want to understand and obey the Father’s will for our lives.

Living Stones (001/003) — multi-generational

A diverse group of young singles, young married couples, and older (mature) married couples. Studying both Old and New Testament and at times different topics. Our class enjoys participating in service projects, large class parties, and gathering in smaller groups we call GTO’s (Get-Together-Often).

One Accord (G5) — multi-generational

A class focused on communal prayer and Biblical discussion. Interactive lessons range from topical studies to exposition of Biblical texts. Our desire is to foster a community of fellowship among ourselves and to minister to our Church at large.

Caleb’s Kin (005/006) —  seniors

An active seniors ministry with monthly activities, home fellowships, weekly newsletters, and a Bible teaching time that is expositional, relevant, and encouraging for daily living and ministry. We also have the best "class treats" to be found anywhere!

Philadelphia (307) — multi-generational

A diverse group of believers who proclaim and celebrate our common bond and unity in Christ. Recognizing, like the church at Philadelphia, our strength is small, but there are opportunities all around us to be used by God. We strive to know each other and His Word well through lively, in-depth interactions inside and outside of class.

Journey (105/107) — multi-generational

Imago Dei (103) — young singles/married

Therefore (A6) — college age

A class of college/post-college age people seeking to live authentically before the face of God with courage and clarity.



KIDS: We come alongside families and provide support as needed. This enables families to worship and fellowship more fully within our church community with less worry about the unique needs of their family member. Compassionate Hands steps in when families request assistance. This is a ministry designed to meet the unique needs of children with special needs within our church. It is a support ministry, not just a place or special  needs room. Our “Care Planners” coordinate an individual care plan with the child’s parents and a Care Plan  is carried out by approved and trained care providers. Compassionate Hands hopes to be an outreach to our church family and community, welcoming and supporting families with special needs.

ADULTS: God has a purpose and a plan for every person. Jesus instructed all to come to Him with the heart of “a little child.” I John 3:3 states, “Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is...”

We want to serve your family. At this time the VIP Club is offered for just 1 hour per week. To enroll your adult VIP in this unique Worship Service hour please contact Tim Anderson. A home interview will be set up at your convenience. We look forward to meeting your VIP family!

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