MOPS is a group of mothers with children ages birth to Kindergarten who gather for a great time of spiritual enrichment, encouragement, and mutual support.


The theme for 2020/2021 is Decide to Rise


Here's what the plan is for fall MOPS at WCBC.

Please join me in holding all of this loosely. This is what we hope MOPS looks like. If everything falls will look differently.


We as a MOPS leadership team are aware that COVID has caused many things to change, and things continue to change daily. We are committed to still have MOPS because we value this time with other women who are going through many of the same things we are. Our goal is to continue encouraging one another in our different walks of life as women, mothers, and wives, and to continue growing in our walk with Jesus. So here are some things that are not changing:

  1. MOPS is still for mothers who have at least one child in kindergarten or lower.

  2. We will still meet twice a month (except December)

  3. We will still pay the $35 MOPS fee that goes directly to MOPS international. When we charter this group through MOPS international we promise that we will register all of our moms.

  4. Mentor moms, devotionals, fellowship with one another, and of course lots of fun will all be a part of our times together.


With that being said there are some changes that need to be made for the safety of each other, our children, and our volunteer childcare providers. Here are some things that are changing this semester: The days and times are different. We will be holding one MOPS outing a month and one MOPS meeting a month. What does this mean?

  • Our MOPS outings will be on Tuesday mornings. The time might change depending on the outing but we will aim for 9:30 am. This will be a scheduled activity, much like a field trip. You and your children can attend. If you are homeschooling, or if your child is all of the sudden remote learning, you can still come and bring all of your child/children to the outing. We have some exciting ideas and will get more information out soon. (Think "orchard" and "park meetups.")

  • Our MOPS meeting will be on Monday evenings from 7:00-9:00 pm at West Canon Baptist Church. This will be for the moms only. No child care will be offered. This will be a time of fellowship, coffee, dessert, mentor mom moments, speakers, videos, crafts, etc…

  • The price is different. This year you will register and pay the $35 MOPS international fee. After that each outing and meeting will have a different price. That way if you can’t make it to one of the meetings you don’t have to pay for it. It also means that in the event we are shut down again we do not need to give any refunds.

  • Signing up will also be every two weeks. We will send out a sign up genius with the outing or meeting information and you will be able sign us for the next one. We will ask that if you sign up you will do everything you can to attend. We will be using those sign ups to buy supplies, pay for outings, etc… We understand that once in a while it is unavoidable, but do your best to come if you sign up.

Meeting Dates


Tuesday, Sept. 15, am - Outing

Monday, Sept 28, 7 pm - Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 13, am - Outing

Monday, Oct. 26, 7 pm - Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 10, am - Outing

Monday, Nov. 23, 7 pm - Meeting

Monday, Dec. 7, 7 pm - Meeting