We want our students to be alive in Christ (Rom. 6:11; 1 Cor. 15:6; Eph. 2:5; Col. 2:3), passionately following Him as their Savior. We are called to be disciples of Jesus who go and make disciples of Jesus (Matt. 28:19,20); teaching them how to better love and know God, His Word, and those created in His image. As a student ministry, we recognize that the discipleship of children rests on the parents/guardians of the children. We do not want to take over but partner with you so that you can equip your child to be disciples who make disciples. We are passionate about disciples who make disciple since we are Always Living In View of Eternity (2 Cor. 4:9-18; Eph. 2:12; Col.3:17). 

"ALIVE Student Ministries exist to partner with parents to equip

students to be disciples who make disciples."

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